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Is Shopify Really Just an Expensive App Store?

Why Your eCommerce Success Shouldn't Rely on an Arsenal of Expensive Apps


Faraz Naqvi

Hypestore Founder & CEO

While Shopify may appear as a convenient all-in-one eCommerce solution, the reality paints a different picture. Often, what seems like a unified platform quickly turns into an expensive bazaar of third-party apps.

Percentage Cuts and Flat Fees

Many third-party apps charge a percentage of the sales they influence, ranging from 0.5% to as high as 3% per app. These percentages can quickly add up as your sales volume increases.

Flat Fees

Beyond the percentage-based fees, many apps also impose a flat monthly fee based on usage. These can range from ₹30,000 to ₹3 lacs per month per app.

The Snowballing Effect

As your brand scales, so does your dependency on a multitude of apps for functionalities ranging from pop-up management to referral programs. This results in a snowballing effect where costs stack up at an alarming rate. Brands often find themselves surrendering more than 10-15% of their total revenue to Shopify and third-party apps, effectively capping their growth potential.

No Need for Third-Party Shopify Apps to Grow?

In the labyrinthine landscape of eCommerce, every percentage point in revenue and efficiency counts. Traditional platforms like Shopify force you into a maze of third-party apps, each adding to your cost and complexity. Hypestore, however, offers a suite of advanced, in-built tools designed to amplify your business growth while simplifying your operations.

In-Built Growth Tools

While Shopify relies on a myriad of third-party plugins for growth, Hypestore features native tools that are engineered to organically boost your sales and customer engagement, without additional costs or commissions.

Abandoned Cart Recovery

Forego the added expense and complexity of external apps. Our integrated abandoned cart recovery tool automatically re-engages potential customers, enhancing your conversion rates.

One-Page Checkout

Reduce cart abandonment rates with Hypestore's streamlined, one-page checkout system. Eliminate the multiple steps that lead to lost sales, and keep your customers focused on completing their purchase.

Advanced Cross-Sell and Upsell Features

Unlock new revenue streams without relying on external plugins. Our advanced cross-sell and upsell algorithms are designed to maximize your average order value, all from within the Hypestore ecosystem.

Advanced Discounts and Coupons

Flexible and powerful discount configurations are a Hypestore standard. Create tailored promotional strategies without the need for additional apps or custom code.

Advanced Customer Insights

Navigate your business decisions with confidence, empowered by our robust analytics suite. Understand your customer’s behavior, track key performance indicators, and adapt your strategies—all without third-party analytics apps.

In a market saturated with app-dependent platforms, Hypestore stands out as the integrated, cost-effective solution that truly understands the needs of modern eCommerce businesses.

“Hypestores ability to translate our vision into a website quickly has been impressive.

Shruti Kedia

Head Of Marketing, Nasher Miles


Why Choose Hypestore vs. Shopify ?

Benefit Shopify Hypestore
In-Built Growth Tools
Short & Easy Checkout Experience
Third-Party Dependencies for Growth
Transparent and Cost-Effective