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In built apps = reduce third-party app need
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What Makes Hypestore Different?

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Truly No Code
Enables store setup and management without any coding. Launch faster and better with already conversion, mobile and speed optimised blocks
All Growth Apps Included in Subscription
Access all growth apps as part of the subscription, no extra cost.
Cloud Performance Servers in India
Ensures fast and reliable performance with servers located in India.
80+ Google Page Speed Index Score in India
Achieves high performance with an 80+ score on Google Page Speed Index.
Predictable Pricing
Revenue based all inclusive pricing. Click here for table
Native GST Compliant Invoicing
Automatically generates GST-compliant invoices.
Native TRAI Compliant Customer SMS Notifications
Sends customer SMS notifications in compliance with TRAI regulations.
Native Cart Upselling App Included in Subscription
Boosts sales with an included cart upselling app.
Native Cart Goals App Included in Subscription
Encourages larger purchases with an included cart goals app.
Native Video Gallery Shopping App Included in Subscription
Enhances shopping experience with an included video gallery app.
Native Content AntiTheft App Included in Subscription
Protects your content with an included anti-theft app.
Native Checkout Timer App
Creates urgency with an included checkout timer app.

Available Without Any Added Cost
All listed apps are included in the subscription at no extra cost.
Enables customers to leave reviews and ratings on products.
HypeCart Goals
Encourages customers to reach certain cart values with incentives.
Provides a reward system to encourage repeat purchases.
Suggests related or higher-value products to customers in the cart.
HypeCart Higher Value Variants
Offers customers higher value variants of products in the cart.
GST Compliant Invoices
Automatically calculates SGST and CGST as per the buyer's state.
Multi Payment Gateway
Supports multiple payment gateways for customer convenience.
Region Based Tax Configuration
Configures taxes based on the customer's region.
Video Gallery - App
Provides a video gallery to enhance product listings with video content.

No Code Stylize Product Details Pages
Customize the layout and design of product details pages for a better user experience.
Native Subscriptions
Enables recurring billing and subscription management powered by Razorpay.
Bulk Catalog Operations
Facilitates mass changes to the catalog, saving time on bulk operations.
Inventory Management
Manages stock levels, preventing overselling and stockouts.
Discounts & Coupons
Creates promotional offers with discounts and coupons to attract customers.
Platform Access
Grants varying levels of access to the platform for different user roles.
Custom Domain
Lets you personalize your store with a custom domain name.
Product Attributes
Defines specific characteristics for each product, aiding in detailed categorization.
Product Filters and Attributes
Enhances product searchability with filters and specific attributes.
Product FAQs
Incorporates a FAQ section for each product, answering common customer queries.
Automated Returns & Replacements
Automates the process of handling returns and issuing refunds, improving customer satisfaction.
Gift Cards
Allows customers to purchase and redeem gift cards for your store.

No Code Custom Pages
Lets you create additional pages for content like FAQs, contact information, or company history.
One Click Change: Product Details Page Types
Provides various templates for product details pages to enhance user experience, without having the change themes
One Click Change: Product Listing Page Types
Offers multiple layouts for product listing pages to better display your products.
Media Library
Organizes and stores media files like images and videos for easy access and use in your store.
Brand Information
Showcases your brand's story, values, and unique selling points to connect with customers.
Custom Header & Footer Script Inserter
Allows the insertion of custom scripts in the header and footer for advanced customization.

Native TRAI Compliant Customer SMS Notifications
Sends customer SMS notifications in compliance with TRAI regulations.
Native No Code Email Styling Options
Provides essential styling options for customizing email templates.
Free Customer Email Notifications
Sends timely notifications to customers about order status, offers, and updates.
Custom SMTP
Allows the use of a custom SMTP server for sending emails, offering more control over email communications.
WhatsApp Chat Bubble
Displays a WhatsApp chat bubble on the store for instant customer communication and support.

Hypestore Native Apps
Includes basic plugins to enhance store functionality and user experience.
Allows customised segmentation of customers based on behavior, demographics, and purchase history.
Third Party Apps
Supports integration with various third-party plugins for additional features and customization.
Staff Accounts
Enables the creation of multiple staff accounts with different access levels.
Supports management of inventory across multiple warehouses for efficient logistics.
Google Merchant Center
Integrates with Google Merchant Center for managing online product listings and advertisements.
Google Search Console
Connects with Google Search Console to monitor and optimize website visibility in Google search results.

Hypestore Deliver
Provides native logistics integrations for handling and shipping orders.
COD Charges
Enable charges for COD orders on a fixed or percentage basis.
Real-Time Shipping Rate
Calculates shipping costs in real-time, providing accurate rates to customers.
Connect Your Own Shipping Account
Lets you integrate your own shipping carrier account for more control over logistics.
Custom Shipping Rules
Tailors shipping rules according to specific needs, such as weight, location, or order value.
Pincode/Distance Based Delivery
Offers delivery services based on the customer's location or pincode.
Stock Override
Allows for manual adjustment of stock levels, overriding automatic inventory tracking.
Cart Control - Set Min & Max Price Limits
Sets minimum and maximum price limits for orders, controlling purchase quantities and values.

Native Countdown Timer
Creates urgency and encourages quick purchases by displaying a timer for limited-time offers.
Native Announcement Bar
Displays announcements, offers, or alerts at the top of the website for higher visibility.
Native Checkout Timer
Encourages quick checkouts by displaying a countdown timer at the checkout stage.
Automated Abandoned Cart Recovery
Recovers lost sales by sending recovery messages from Hypestore's email account free of cost.
Blogs Section
Engages customers with relevant content, driving traffic and improving SEO.
All-in-one SEO
Optimizes your site for search engines, improving visibility and traffic.
Product Reviews and Ratings
Allows customers to leave feedback, enhancing product credibility and providing social proof.
Facebook Pixel
Tracks and analyzes customer interactions on your site, optimizing Facebook ad campaigns.
AdWords Conversion Tracking
Measures the effectiveness of Google AdWords campaigns in driving conversions.
Upsell & Cross-sell
Suggests related or complementary products, increasing average order value.
Enables customers to save products to a wishlist for future purchase.

Easy eCom
Integrates third-party eCommerce tools for enhanced store functionality.
Provides advanced search capabilities to improve product discoverability.
Integrates Brevo for comprehensive email marketing and automation solutions.

Integrates with Shiprocket for efficient order processing and logistics management.
Provides integration with WareIq for streamlined warehouse and fulfillment operations.
Connects with Delhivery for comprehensive shipping and delivery solutions.

Integrates with Razorpay for secure and versatile payment gateway options.
Connects with Cashfree for efficient payment processing and management.
Provides integration with PayU for seamless online payment transactions.
Supports payments through CCAvenue, offering a variety of payment options.
Integrates with PhonePe for easy and quick payment solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Answer: No, there are no hidden charges. Our pricing model is transparent, and the monthly fee covers all usage of features and tools. However, expenses related to third-party operational tools like payment gateways and logistics are not included.

A: No, does not require long-term contracts or commitments. You can use our services as per your business needs without any fixed duration obligation.

A: Valid payment methods with auto-debit or standing instructions, compliant with Reserve Bank of India (RBI) guidelines, are required.

A: Failure to process payment within 28 days post-invoice results in temporary service suspension. Access is restored after full payment of all outstanding and upcoming billing cycle fees.

A: Fees are exclusive of taxes, levies, or duties as mandated by Indian laws and the RBI.

A: Yes, by contacting Hypestore Support and following their specific guidance.

A: Upon termination, services are stopped, access to the account is lost, outstanding balances become due immediately, and no refunds are provided. Your Hypestore will be taken offline.

A: Yes, you can integrate various third-party tools with The integration of these tools does not affect the fee you pay to However, the third-party tools might have their own separate charges.

A: offers a range of growth tools and features, all included in your monthly fee. We support businesses of all sizes, providing a scalable platform that grows with your business.

A: Yes, businesses with higher monthly revenues benefit from a lower percentage fee. This structure is part of our commitment to supporting business growth and scalability.

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Pricing Tier Your Monthly Revenue Range Flat Fee Platform Fee
0 less than ₹ 1 Lac ₹ 799 2%
1 ₹ 1 lac to ₹ 10 lacs ₹ 799 1.5%
2 ₹ 10 lacs to ₹ 20 lacs ₹ 799 1.15%
3 ₹ 20 lacs to ₹ 40 lacs ₹ 799 1%
4 ₹ 40 lacs to ₹ 80 lacs ₹ 799 0.8%
5 ₹ 80 lacs to ₹ 2 crore ₹ 799 0.65%
6 ₹ 2 crore to 9.9 crore+ ₹ 799 0.55%